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Your guide to the hottest spandex designs on the planet.

Man Spandex is a great choice for hot looking posing pouches, sexy underwear and super hot bikinis, and not only is it comfortable but it also provides a lot of support, so no matter what package you have you will be able to fit easily into your  spandex swimsuit or fetish underwear. Spandex can also be dyed in a wide range of colors and patterns, so there is a lot of choice when it comes to picking a design that suits your tastes, from the classic black bikini through to the eye popping florescent yellow ‘mankini’ and super sexy g-strings.

Spandex hugs the skin without restricting movement, so if you like to stay active around the pool or down on the beach then buying a sexy man spandex swimsuit can provide you with an ultra hot look, but also plenty of support for any fun and games you want to join in with. Koalaswim.com stocks a super sexy range of man spandex bikinis, g-strings and thongs that can offer you a lot of comfort and style and the Sinuous Semi Bikini ($28.00) model features a sexy slim cut bikini rear and full, supportive pouch which you can use for swimming, jogging and playing volleyball and other beach games without worrying about showing other beach users more than they bargained for!

Man Spandex Fun
What is Spandex?
Spandex is an anagram of expands, which gives you the clue as to the main beneficial properties of this amazing manmade fiber, and it is also known as elastane or the brand name Lycra (DuPoint). Spandex is a fantastic material that can be stretched over 500% more than its own length without breaking, and will return to its original shape when released without any sagging or splitting. Spandex can also be easily mixed with other fibers and is one of the most widely used blending materials in the textiles industry as it can create very stable, durable fabrics that provide a more comfortable and longer lasting garment. Spandex is also very resistant to body oils and perspiration, and this combined with its stretchy, comfortable properties makes it ideal for use as swimwear, underwear and sports clothing, and it is widely used by all kinds of active people from professional swimmers, sportsmen and gymnasts through to acrobats, contortionists and dancers. Spandex is also very useful in the plus sizes market, as it is not restrictive and will stretch to suit any shape or size without feeling tight or restrictive, and so it is commonly used for larger sizes and for clothes aimed at older customers for its comfortable and flexibility.

Why Choose Sexy Man Spandex Swimwear
Spandex feels very sexy on, and provides a smooth, silky finish which can show off a tight butt to perfection, and is a great compromise when you are on the more conservative beaches, as you can cover up whilst still revealing the sexy shape of those fabulous muscles you have worked so hard down the gym for.

Sexy man spandex swimwear is also the best way to get the ultimate tan, and Koalaswim.com provide a number of excellent hot bikini designs that are cut much narrower than regular men’s bikini style briefs at the front, sides and rear, which not only looks much sexier but also reduces unattractive white tan lines, and you can still wear them on the more conservative beaches as they provide good coverage and support, and don’t ride up. If you are looking for an even sexier spandex bikini then Koalaswim.com also stock some seriously hot Brazilian and micro style suits, which offer very low and narrow cut front pouches (you will need to shave or wax for the best effect) and slim cut rear sections that cover just enough of your butt for those more conservative resorts and beaches. If you are interested in working on your tan then Koalaswim.com also stock a very clever range of hybrid sexy  spandex suits, which mix combinations of a bikini with hot looking thong or g-string style rears. The pouch on the hybrid suits are generously cut and the top of the rear section is like a bikini, but ends a few inches short and flows into a thong or g-string style back down to the bottom of the pouch. The hybrid sexy mans  suit is stylish and flattering without being too revealing so allows you to look good and work on your tan at the same time, without revealing too much skin for those more modest locations. Other hybrid suits in the Koalaswim.com range actually switch from full bikinis to g-strings by simply unbuttoning part of the rear of the suit, and these are great compromises for those more restricted destinations.

Spandex is the ideal material for thong style swimwear, as it is very stretchy and supportive, but also very comfortable. Koalaswim.com stocks a wide range of super sexy man spandex thongs that feature a fabric panel at the top of the rear of the suit, (which can be anywhere from half and inch to a couple of inches thick), which curves around the top buttocks to create a very flattering shape before joining up with the front of the pouch between the legs. You will be showing a lot of skin with a thong, but if you find g-strings uncomfortable then this is a great option as the spandex material is very comfortable and supportive, and creates a very hot looking design that shows off a tight butt perfectly. Sexy man spandex thongs are acceptable on most beaches in Europe, and many beaches in the US, such as South Beach in Florida, are also famous for everyone wearing micro thongs and g-strings and showing a lot of skin, but you should check what other people are wearing first before you slip one on just in case they will not be suitable for the resorts or beach you are visiting.

If you enjoy the look and feel of g-strings then Koalaswim.com can offer you some stunning sexy man spandex suits with the classic spaghetti style g-string rears, which feature super thin but very comfortable Lycra straps that create a ‘T’ shape at the back, and also hot looking double strap style g-strings. These tiny g-strings are super hot, and also ideal for the ultimate tan and they can be worn in the water and are supportive enough that you can even take part in beach sports whilst wearing them, so you can look and feel your best at all times.

Koalaswim.com Sexy Lycra Spandex Swimwear
Koalaswim.com stock such as great range of super sexy spandex swimwear that you will be sure to find a flattering, hot looking suit to show your body off in style down the beach or around the pool, and it is easy to order online, so once you have chosen what you want to can complete your order in just a few minutes online using your credit or debit card, or you can contact Koalaswim.com directly if you prefer and process your order using the toll free telephone or fax number. Your sexy swimsuit will then be shipped out 24hrs after receipt of your order, via US Postal Service or United Parcel Service. Here are just a few of the stunning sexy man spandex swimsuits and posing pouches your can order from Koalaswom.com:
• Sinuous Semi Bikini, $28.00 – this cute baby blue spandex Lycra suit features a high cut full pouch and a seriously hot slim cut rear that plunges down from the waistline to show off the curves of your ass. The stretchy smooth fabric feels great on and provides a sexy, comfortable fit, and although the suit does show a lot of skin the design is just between a classic Koalaswim.com full coverage bikini and slimline Brazilian rear, and is still suitable for most beaches and resorts.
• Shock Thong, $29.00 – this ultra sexy suit offers a stunning tear drop style pouch with clever metal grommet, which shapes and holds the front in place to create a sexy, sensuous design that will accommodate you comfortably whatever size package you have. The suit has sexy double spaghetti strap style waist bands and a hot triangle section thong rear, and is ideal for those who want to look great whilst working on their tans down on the beach or around the pool.
• Slut G-String, $28.00 – the drop strap front pouch on this  spandex suit is super slutty, and features Koalaswim.com’s cute double strap g-string rear design that will flatter and show off your butt. This hot little design shows a lot of skin, so might not be suitable for some family beaches, but this is ideal for working on your tan from the comfort of your beach towel, so you could just buy a fuller pair of bikini briefs and slip them on over the Slut G-string when you want more coverage, and of course this is a great attention grabbing sexy man spandex suit for those more accepting beaches and resorts.
• Hot Ass-Combo G-String / Brazilian Bikini, $32 – Koalaswim.com stocks a few great combination ‘hybrid’ sexy  spandex suits, which are great compromises for the more conservative destinations you may visit. With the Hot Ass Combo G-String you will have a great look slimline Brazilian rear bikini for when you need to cover up, which can be unbuttoned quickly and easily to reveal a sexy g-string spaghetti strap style rear for when you want to strip down to work on your tan. The Hot Ass Combo G-String is a great design that looks very sexy whether you are wearing it as a coverage bikini or a skinny g-string, and is a great addition to your summer sun wardrobe
• Deviant Sheer, $30.00 – this attention grabbing yellow neon sexy spandex swim suit has a stunning Brazilian style rear section and the front pouch features a seriously hot interior Lycra strap with metal cock ring, which supports your shaft and holds it firmly in place creating a bulky, sensuous package. The best thing is the cock ring and Lycra spandex straps can clearly been seen through the stretchy sheer fabric, so not only does this sexy man spandex suit feel amazing on it also looks very erotic and stimulating as well, and is ideal for those more adventurous summer destinations. The stretchy Lycra cock straps are very supportive and feel soft and smooth against the skin, so you can wear the Deviant Sheer bikini for as long as you want in total comfort.

• Pleasure Chest, $32 – this fantastic sexy spandex swim suit has a classic Retro 70’s feel, and features stunning wood side rings that create a stylish designer look perfect for strutting your stuff down on the beach or around the pool. The Pleasure Chest is crafted from silky soft spandex fabric that feels very sensual against the skin, as well as providing smooth lines that will flatter and show off your body.
• Freedom Bikini, $28 – if you are looking for a full coverage men’s bikini suit that still looks sexy and flattering then this is the swimsuit for you. The Freedom Bikini is crafted from soft, stretchy spandex will flows over your body to flatter and show off your masculine figure, and features a full cut rear and front pouch that provide both comfort and support, so this is ideal for those more conservative beaches and also for taking part in sporting activities such as beach football, running and swimming. The Freedom Bikini is available in red, white and blue colors celebrating its USA origins.
• Naughty, $29 – this classic style sexy  spandex bikini has a sexy twist with its incredibly hot, plunging front with cross over straps, which pulls the shape of the pouch tight creating a fully support, bulky looking package. The Brazilian style rear is trimmed short across the bottom to flow into a sexy, narrow cut strip of Lycra, which will allows you to show off a naughty amount of bare, shaved flesh when you want to.